Finpak International Inc. has generations of experience in the packaging industry. Finpak was established in 1987 but has roots all the way back into the mid 1950s when entrepreneur Stanley Finch founded Wentworth Paper Products. Stanley ran Wentworth with the help of his wife Jean, his son William and his daughter Marilyn. Wentworth Paper has the distinct claim to fame of being the company to have supplied Tim Horton Donuts with its first bags back when Tim Horton’s had only a couple of stores in Hamilton Ontario. Stan unfortunately passed away in 1974 but the company continued on until 1980 when it was sold to Beckett Packaging. It was not until 1987 that William and his wife Bonnie and their four sons Robert, Douglas, David and young Bill decided to start a new company; thus Finpak was born. The Finch family has been making high quality products at competitive prices ever since.

Company History

Popcorn Bags
Sugar and Flour Bags
Film Laminated Bags
Flat and Satchel Bags
X-Ray Envelopes
Security Envelopes
Roll to Roll Printing